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Teaching the Client

Expertise that is not disseminated is like a scented flower that doesn’t bloom. It loses its distinction because no one can get a whiff of its fragrance. Similarly, an expert in their field who doesn’t spread his or her knowledge fades away without recognition. Agencies that are confident in the abilities of their staff tend to hold training sessions for the staff of their clients. They impart knowledge that better equips the client’s staff to work in tandem with them. If an agency is at the top of its game, it doesn’t need to worry about losing clientele or giving away trade secrets while training. This is because what an agency can do cost effectively, a client company will have to incur huge expenses to do by itself. Also, the advantages of having a varied set of clients gives an agency a vantage point that the client can never have with its limited set of operations. Agencies have various industries and various businesses that they have worked with. Any instruction coming from them is invaluable for the client.

Theory Versus Practical

Self-learning, online courses, book learning are all very popular among the corporate world which is always playing catch up with marketing and design trends. However, each of these experiences can only provide you with theoretical knowledge. The know-how gained through practical experience is invaluable in comparison. If you learn theory alone, without testing yourself in a live environment, you tend to not know if your strategies will work of fail. There are so many parameters to live projects, so many market forces at work that armed with just theoretical knowledge, you’re ill-equipped to lead your team. How to navigate a potential disaster is something a theoretical resource can never prepare you for. Only hands on practical knowledge and experience can come to your rescue.

Getting trained at an institute versus getting trained at an agency

Training at an institute that promises placements in live projects is good but getting trained at an agency with ongoing live projects is even better. There’s only so much that your reading lists and assignments at institute can do for you. Working in an agency environment prepares you for the future. Whether you end up working within and agency or at the client side, this experience will be a great teacher. How to work in a team, how to handle a crisis, how to mitigate during work conflicts are all learnt on the job usually. Training in an agency environment gives you a front row seat to these tactics before you get your feet wet in the workforce.

To sum up, training within an agency either as an individual candidate or an employee of a client, is extremely beneficial. Technical skills come bundled with important work life skills. It is a great opportunity that should be taken up when it presents itself.

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